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  • A Narrowboat Escape


     Messing about on boats is one of those innate New Zealand pastimes that come with the territory of a Kiwi upbringing. (Ironically, this upbringing included many a warning that one should never actually “mess about” on a boat. ‘Have fun in the water but do what you oughta’, right kids?) Growing up, my dad would take my brothers […]

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  • Dram & Smoke


    My grandmother was born just outside of Edinburgh. But she was only four when her family packed up and shipped out to New Zealand, leaving little trace of Scotland in my upbringing. And yet, I’ve turned out with a thirst for whisky, haggis, shortbread and rugged wilderness. I may be without a clan, but it […]

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  • Wapping Market


    This is an SOS. A new food market has opened up  in Wapping. This is within bleary-eyed-strolling-distance of my ‘hood, meaning every Sunday since it began I’ve been able to turn up for a Crosstown doughnut. It’s bloody dangerous. I mean, it’s only been going three weeks, but I’ll be there again tomorrow, and so […]

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  • Rabot 1745

    Rabot 1745

    London’s first “urban cacao restaurant” launched this week, the latest venture by the founders of Hotel Chocolat, Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris. Named for their 140-acre cocoa estate in Saint Lucia, Rabot 1745 is tucked away on the shoulder of Borough Market (just across the street from “Bridget Jones’ flat”, if you’re partial to a bit […]