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  • My Year in Coffee


    Considering my interest in food (preoccupation, some might say), there will always arise the question of what I don’t like. And for a long time my answer would elicit surprise. COFFEE. I couldn’t stand it. It was the only thing I detested, the last hurdle of flavour that I’d yet to conquer; I’d sooner stuff […]

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  • Marrakechmas


     Generally speaking, travelling is about discovery… but it can also be an escape. And last month, when I hopped a budget flight to Morocco, it was definitely the latter. I was adamantly escaping Christmas and all of its jingle-bell accoutrements. And what better place to dodge the flying tinsel and faux-religious sentiment than the gloriously […]

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  • Brunch: Franze & Evans

    Franze & Evans

    Brunch might just be my favourite meal. Anything goes. Have a burger! Have scrambled eggs! Have porridge with a side of prosecco! And since it’s neither breakfast nor lunch, there is no sense of having to start – or finish – at any particular time. It’s unhurried. Comfortable. Relaxed. Nobody pops out for a quick […]